Lights, Camera, Animals!

A new docu-series for animal lovers!


Lights, Camera Animals!

A new docu-series launching on YouTube Summer 2018.  The show will take audiences on a journey to meet amazing animal rescue heroes around the world and shine a spotlight on the work they're doing, often on the margins of society.  Each episode will feature our team delivering a surprise gift to the rescue heroes.  And we'll also use our skills as filmmakers to develop and deliver unique media tools that the groups can use to create positive change through education, mobilizing community action and/or raising funds. 

We hope you'll join our host Rebecca Rodriguez and the Lights, Camera, Animals!  team as we work to bring visibility and support to these wonderful people and the animals they are saving. If you'd like more information about how you can play a role in making the show come to life, please click HERE.


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